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    I really can't understand the Map creator's



    I really can't understand the Map creator's

    Post  Lighthal on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:50 am

    I played this map for like 3 times My team couldn't win a single time. The only way to explain is this: Alliance = cheap heroes with that Ubber throw Glaive spell that deals Outrageous Damage in line from the caster to targeted position (around 3600 damage if it hits twice). Alliance heroes are well balanced and teamguided, unlike Horde heores, for example Kil' Jaeden's Aura that strengthens Undead, but at the end game the horde site has no Undead creeps because they upgrade when a players levels, and his 1 skill where it requires a creep to summon a weak demon from it's death(yes this spell is useless in duels) and his Ultimate is also too weak and has a long Cooldown, compared to starfall his ultimate sucks balls.
    To point it right out, Horde Heroes will always loose to Alliance heroes, except the badninja because he is the only hero that is Balanced on Alliance site.
    Also the Creeps are a total failure if they are upgraded to endstage level: Alliance has Bandit knights with like 2800 Hp and Chaos attack of 300-350, a Archer and a glaivethrower. where horde has a tauren with like 4000 hp and a Normal attack, Spear trolls, and a Warlock orc. If both creeps face each other the alliance creeps decimate them easily because of the chaos attakc of the bandit knights and their high armor.

    my suggestion is that the heroes should get their own spells from the game (campaign)
    then it would be balanced. well in some cases horde will dominate, like archimonde or the Dreadlord with massinfernals that last forever until killed.
    and for creeps there should be a unit from all races not only 1 like mixing up horde + undead/deamons and alliance nightelves+humans/Highelves.

    I'm really dissapointed with this map's current state... it has potential a very good potential wich would eventually overcome even that cursed Dota shit, if it were balanced.

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