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    New hero agi



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    New hero agi

    Post  RappaR on Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:06 am

    A model i would use shadow from undead.
    Hero would be agi for horde since there are just 4/
    1 skill is to consume allied unit like dk/lich in order to impreve attack speed and speed rate
    second skill is necromancy, at first lvl would be skeletons, later skeletons archer and at 20 skeleton mages, they could be up to 10 and would be at power similar to scarab
    third would be shadowphase - hero goes into shadowform - cant attack, invisible, much increased armor and dodge rate, but slowed hp regen
    ulti would be either shadow influence - dodge aura or shadow cast -banish like blood mage + dot + breaks teleporting

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