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    Priest of Immolation


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    Priest of Immolation

    Post  dragonfire1511 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:03 am

    HERO For Horde


    Range Hero ( attackrange 500)

    1) Manabolt: Effect: 1. Burn 75x Mana. ( x -> Skill level. Example: Hero lvl 5 -> 375 Manaburn)
    2. Stun 0,5x seconds (x -> Skill level.)

    2) Aura of Pure Pain (passiv): Burn 10x mana / life per second ( x -> skill level)
    -> has 500range / creeps without mana take no dmg

    3) Lifetribute: Immolates 100x Life and get 200x Mana ( x -> Skill level)
    -> only fits on yourself or friendly heroes

    4) Immolationbomb ( Ulti ) : Destroys all mana of your hero and hurts the enemies life of 33/66/99% of immolated mana
    -> 50% Splash dmg

    5) Int stats: +4int each skilllevel


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    Idees for spell designs

    Post  Shaikan1 on Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:39 am

    Manabolt: looks like a blue "firebolt"

    Aura of Pure Pain: effect on enemys looks like little flames burning on each enemy in range of the aura
    and the picture around the hero should be the skull from "punisher" ( the movie for those which don´t know it xD)

    Lifetribut: the hp drain looks like the effect of impacting "death coil" and the second phase looks like using a mp potion

    Immolationbomb: you select an enemy splash range around him 100/200/300 and the visual effetc looks like and hugh blue explosion with blue flames

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