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    new combo artefacts



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    new combo artefacts

    Post  Shaikan1 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:45 am

    new orb : orb of darkness( only droppable/ sell for 3000gold ) effect: 12dmg, air attack and if you kill ( only for single range atk= no splash effect) a moob there spawn 2 skelletons lvl 10 ( like dark ranger)

    1. "Talisman of Division" effect: 25% chance each atk to slow movment speed and attack rate by 200%, give 3000 life and 60% evasion +air atk

    items available for item: - orb of slow
    - khadgars gem of health
    - talisman of evasion

    2. "Hammer of Desperate" efefct: 25% chance for bash + 100% attackspeed + air attack +40 dmg and if you kill a moob 35% chance to spawn 2 skelletons lvl 20

    items available for item: - orb of darkness
    - gloves of haste
    - hammer of bash

    3. "Ring of Blaze" effect: + 250% attack speed + 30 armor + 30hpregeneration/sec + blink (cooldown 10 seconds)

    items available for item: - mittens of fire hand
    - dagger of escape
    - ring of regeneration

    4. super combo artefact " Equipment of the legendary God" effect: +150 STR/INT/AGI + 600dmg + faster movmentspeed + 60 armor + 250%attackspeed+ 50hp/sec reg.

    items available for item: - arm of god wooj
    - boots of gods
    - crown of gods

    all receps cost 10000 gold( for super artefct combo it costs 20000 gold)

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    Re: new combo artefacts

    Post  dragonfire1511 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:41 am

    haha posted the same as you before Very Happy .. i mean the 4th point with ulti artifect Very Happy

    maybe decrease the hp you gain with talisman of division cuz actually the gem gives 1k .. maybe 1,5k but not more ..
    maybe the items need to be balanced , but that's not my job afterall Very Happy

    i like your ideas afterall Very Happy

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