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    Feedback from Xionidas


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    Feedback from Xionidas

    Post  dragonfire1511 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:02 am

    > Hi Wooj!
    > Its about the x3 map.
    > There r a lot of things which i dont understand and a bit annoying but
    > i want to write only about 2 things.
    > First is the unique items.
    > Imo it ruins the game. Im sorry to say that but they r way too
    > powerfull combined with too much luck to find them.
    > I think they make the game too much unbalanced and in this situ those
    > win who has better unique not those who r more skilled.
    > For example we fought 2 vs 4 with my little brother. We could have win
    > if they didn't have that much luck with unique. We searched 4 places
    > they searched 5 places. We found nothing they found 6 items!!!!
    > Im not saying that the game should be 100% fair but this is just too
    > much. All of the games in bnet is about skill. The better wins. But
    > now on this map its not that way.
    > Plz do something about it. I have 3 things in mind: 1) Forget about
    > the unique and put items in neutral beasts from the expensive store.
    > 2) Keep the uniques but make them less powerfull. 3) Keep the uniques
    > but make it sure that u can find 1 in 1 place (perhaps the last beast
    > hold the item).
    > The second thing is the leavers.
    > 1) Often the uniques that they had r gone. Sometimes they can be found
    > at the expensive shop but often they just gone.
    > 2) I really dont get the system that gives the money to the others.
    > Sometimes i get a lot after a loser who had nothing and other time i
    > get nothing after a desynced good fella who has a lot of good stuff.
    > The first leaver i dont mind, its better to be 4 on the map - more and
    > balanced exp. But the second and the third from the same group doesnt
    > help at all. I get little money after them and the teamplay gets more
    > hard.
    > Plz somehow count in the leaver's hero level or elapsed time or
    > something that boosts the money and plz somehow count in the items
    > that he had. Or better: just make him put out the items he had. This
    > way the left behind heroes could have more chance.
    > I hope u got my point.
    > Thx for everything about hvsa x3 map. Its rly nice to have this on bnet.
    > Greetings,
    > Xionidas

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